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Welcome to The Shredder Company!

The Shredder Company of El Paso, Texas, and its owners are both the historical leaders and the cutting edge in the design of machinery to process automobiles and other forms of discard materials.

In the footsteps of Alton Newell, on whose design all contemporary shredders are based, the Newell family has built and delivered over 300 shredders in the past 50 years and continues to produce 5 to 7 of the machines each year in their production facility in El Paso.

We at TSC are proud to be part of the future of steel recycling. Steel recycling is a driving force for a better world, both in terms of the use of energy and the net environmental impact when compared with mining new steel. Steel is the world's ultimate reclaimable, reusable strength member.

In addition to supplying complete systems for capturing steel, The Shredder Company also designs and supplies equipment for the reclaiming of most other forms of metal scrap.

Dear Friends

Welcome to this web site, which is our online home. When my father Alton Newell founded our family business more than 75 years ago, he printed a business card that carried his motto, "We will treat you right". That has been a guiding philosophy of our companies from the beginning until now.

As a part of following that philosophy, it is our desire to share as much information about ourselves and about shredding as is possible. You will find copies of many technical papers as well as press releases and copies of some of our latest advertising. We believe that anything that helps make shredding more efficient and profitable, will bring benefits to us also.

Our design philosophy follows one guiding rule: we will follow the design that yields the lowest cost per ton throughout the life of the equipment. That means that sometimes the original price is higher or lower than alternative designs, but we believe that it will, for sure, offer the best value to the new investment.

With all of this in mind, we sincerely hope that this web site will be useful to you. Thank you for your interest. Scott Newell, Chairman

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